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CMS Admin page for Clients


I have a possibility of creating a website for someone, where using CMS would be a great asset. However, the “client” is not very computer savvy (he’s a friend so I know this for a fact) and therefore asking him to update the data using webflow would be a disaster. Plus I do not have any time to do this for him.

So the question is - what is the solution? - can simple admin pages be created for clients to be able to control the data in use?


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Hey, instead of giving him the admin role give him an editor role which he can access “” from. Editor panel is much easier than the normal admin panel

hi @PeteM you can read/watch articles on Webflow university to be familiar how to work with this platform.

Here are some links that are related to your request.

Thanks but that’s still too complex for this client - they only just know how to turn a laptop on - giving them the options to edit the page is really not a good idea. I would just want a very simple interface where they could update any “stock” - but I think I will have to go for a 3rd party - it’s a booking site for bands/artists so I think it will be better with bandsintown integration instead.

hi @PeteM I understand if WF is not for your clients suitable, feel free to close this request as solved by marking your last response as `solution".

Hi Stan - I have done that - although it was more a general question than a request. Perhaps it’s something that could be implemented? - a simple interface page where clients can update “stock” in the database backend - edit/delete/add etc - without requiring knowledge of how to “edit” pages.