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On downloading Webflow sites

I know I should probably pay for a premium plan, but I don’t have the money. I found that I can download the sites I make by extracting all CSS, JS, and images from the source code of the page. Is this against the Webflow Terms of Service? Is it against the Terms of Service if I upload the source code to my server? Is it against the Terms of Service if some server side code does this (IE a WebFlow downloader)?

Thanks in advance!

I can understand not having enough money.

I would consider someone doing this unethical.

The people at Webflow have created a tremendous product.

If you are considering keeping the generated source code…

  • then I would assume… you believe the code has some value.

If something has a value and someone takes it without paying for it…

  • I believe that’s called stealing.

But I’m not calling you a thief… because you are actually asking if you can do this.

So… ask Webflow directly… but I think they would frown on it.

Just my 2 cents.

Sorry, I was just wondering. Webflow might consider putting a copyright on the code or inserting a piece of code into the Javascript that checks the current URL, compares it to the current URL for that specific site, and if the URL is different, doesn’t display the site. I understand it is stealing, but I was just wondering if it was against the terms of service. Sorry.

no need to say sorry…

  • I specifically said… “I’m not calling you a thief because you are actually asking if you can do this.”

I thief would just take it.

This is a question for webflow… I did say “ask Webflow directly

No harm in asking :slight_smile: webflow probably would prefer you not do this, with all the work they’ve put in, I also have my suspicions it is in their TOS not to do this, you can email them if you like as @Revolution suggested or just wait for @thesergie or @callmevlad to give you an answer here :slight_smile:

Hey, you made me read Webflow’s TOS for the first time, that was interesting (:

So yes, I think it’s against the TOS as it states:

You agree that you will not:
exceed the scope of the Service that you have signed up for;

… and by doing what you do it’s clearly exceeding what your plan allows for.

Now I don’t really see this rule being enforced in your case. If I was from WF I’d prefer you to do what you want, if it can help you to find good business and become a real customer (:

But if you think about it, as the plans aren’t engaging you in any way, you can work until your site is done, take a month of $16 plan and finish, export your site. Cancel the plan afterwards… and wait for your site to bring business so you can become a full time customer.

Hi @awesomecat5, normally it is against the terms of use to openly do that (or even secretly). Now, with that said, there is not much we can do to prevent you from doing that. If you are just going to do it one time, we probably would not do anything. If you are going to do this all the time and base your business model on it, we probably would have to take some action to stop the abusive behavior.

We would rather engage with you on your exact need, so if you can submit a detailed request, why you need the export, we are happy to review that and provide you with some additional information. Send a request to :smile:

We handle cases like this on a case by case basis, it is not like we have a problem with this now, we have a great community, but we will not allow this kind of usage, since it is not fair to others and does not promote trust among the users in the community. I hope you understand. Cheers, Dave


Thank you! I really appreciate it!