Terms of Service Question

I am creating a business kit to sell various graphic design templates created by my company. I am also creating a webflow site that will serve as a template or website starter for those that buy the kit. As it stands right now they will be given the html/css/javascript files that are exported from Webflow as well as the option for us to clone our webflow site created for this kit.

The process will involve them creating a free webflow account and contacting us to clone a copy of our site and transfer it to their account.

It seems like this would follow the traditional path of a client site handoff, with the only difference is we are cloning the same webflow site many times rather than once.

All of our images are being either created by us or using royalty free images from unsplash and pexels as any template would.

Does this break any terms of service of webflow?

The best process for us would be for this template to entered into Webflow’s template library and we give a coupon code or voucher code out to our kit purchasers. Is there any voucher or coupon code system for the template creators, should our website get accepted into Webflow’s template library?