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Hey there,

Just wondering if any of you have used an automation tool like Zapier to do the following:

Write and format a blog post in Notion - and have it automatically carry over to your webflow CMS. I’ve only tried copy-pasting the text from Notion in my CMS post body and webflow is struggling severely with formatting. For example, webflow doesn’t recognize a Notion quote block as a quoted passage for rich text.

Just trying to see what’s possible before I get into it too deep.


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Hi @Boris_Kardzhiev

I think the issue you’d run into with this is the data model behind how Notion formats and structures text inside its application. The block model makes it so that there isn’t a good translation between whatever you write in Notion and something like a rich-text box on Webflow. Zapier works well with Notion if you are managing data, but it’s more limited on taking text and making it into rich-text content on your site.

Your best bet might be using Notion as a headless CMS for your Webflow site and just linking directly to whatever you mark for publication on Notion. Here is a tutorial from Make (Integromat?) on how to do this. You’ll create category clones from the Webflow CMS and then create an automation that’ll update it whenever its updated on Notion. This might still limit the formatting to the pre-determined categories but shuld at least give you the ability to write directly in Notion.

I know this post is from a few days ago, so let me know if you found another solution (or somehow get Zapier to work with this – I’d be curious).

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Hi @Boris_Kardzhiev

While not exactly what you’re looking for, Audienceful has Webflow publishing integration and its editor feels just like writing in Notion.

I believe their data model is built to match 1:1 with Webflow so you can also publish to nearly all field types as well (reference, multi-reference, etc.), and there’s no formatting issues like with other methods.

Has the added bonus of letting you write and send email newsletters from the same UI since they are an email marketing platform.

Hey Boris!

Not sure if you’re still looking for a solution here, but we (Whalesync) just launched a new “Notion Page Sync” feature that syncs Notion pages to the Webflow CMS.

Happy to answer any questions if helpful! Also, here’s our docs on the feature.