How to syndicate content across multiple Webflow sites?

Hi guys,

I have a Webflow blog setup, and I’ve setup a few secondary, more niche blogs. I’d like to be able to publish content on the master-blog, and then syndicated that across to the other blogs too. For example, if the article is tagged: Marketing, that is then syndicated to the marketing webflow blog, too.

I originally thought I’d be able to use Zapier for this - CMS item created triggering it, and then using it to create it in the other blog, but seems like CMS creation is only an action, not a trigger.

Anyone have any ideas on how I could set this up? I looked at RSS as well, but from what I understand, RSS is just the title, thumbnail and description - not the actual article?

Another option was creating a form on the site to upload new blog posts and (upon form submission) enters zapier which then creates the CMS item, but I can’t add rich text to form submissions.

Would love some thoughts and creative workarounds!

I’m on a hurry here but if you want to keep exploring the last approach, you could use a rich Tex editor (such as quill.js). Then you can use a bit of JavaScript to make the changes on the editor populate a textarea inside the form . However, I can foresee some limitations to this approach, such as editing the content of that item once it’s already created (changes would only affect one cms)

Thanks! It’s a bit too complicated for me. I’m looking instead to try:

New article in CMS added to RSS feed.
Zapier RSS feed new feed item triggers APIFY web scraper to scrape new article (body, title, etc.)
APIFY to Zapier hook creates a new Webflow CMS item.

That’s what i’m trying to see if i can do!

The thing I’m worried about is the format the body text is added via Zapier. DO you know if it’s HTML that can be added?