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Publish CMS items from a iPhone? A possibility with Shortcuts iOS app and Zapier

Here is an interesting read. While I have not had the time time to really did into Shortcuts yet but this sure makes me want to.

Use Shortcuts app to deliver content to Webflow CMS via Zapier’s webhooks zap.

My Thoughts
Here’s what I envision (not tested yet). Use your favorite note taking or word processing app to write a blog post. Launch the shortcut’s workflow by using the extensions sheet. A series of predetermined prompts as for the blog title and any other necessary meta-data such as publish date or tags. The blog content is pulled in automatically by the extension. This is converted to a webhook (as described in the article) which is passed along to Zapier which in turn extracts the information and automatically publishes it to the setup cms collection in Webflow.

If it works as I imagine it should, then you’ve just publish a LIVE item to your Webflow site’s cms from your iPhone!

Have you tested something like this workflow?
Want to test this crazy idea along side me?

I will update this post with my findings once I get a chance to dig in deeper.

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You can publish from your iPhone using the Google Sheets and a Zap. I love Zapier! It’s now starting to save me ridiculous amounts of time!

Did you see Nelsons stream how you can also have people add stuff to a form on your Webflow site, and it publishes straight away on to the site using a Zap.

I thought then that you could have that on a hidden page on your site with a form so you can publish blog posts from your phone on the go.

Yes. It is a good option, but I’m thinking about the angle of a client who wants a native experience on their phone. Maybe they have an aversion to spreadsheets or Google. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Couldn’t agree more!

Yes, this is interesting for sure. Again just thinking that a client wants to write in their preferred app then send to the site without spreadsheets or forms with all of the copying and pasting. Think of it as almost a on-click (or voice command) publish.

Definitely a hidden page with a password for that method. I’m always hitting my 1000 zaps per month limit as it is! Don’t need spam zaps getting triggered by visitors.

Foreseeable benefits of using Shortcuts:

  • Compose and saving in the app of choice (safer for long form content than a form)
  • Choice of tap, voice, or extension trigger
  • Automatically get content from any app on phone
  • Extends the automation power of Zapier

Once I can truly test this, I’ll be able to better communicate the benefits if any as compared to existing methods as you’ve described.

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