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Not understanding Interactions 2.0 reusability

So I’m really struggling with interactions 2.0.
Here’s and example. I have a mobile nav on the bottom of a page. Slides up on click and slides down on the next click.
Now seems to me that the point of a nav is to be able to replicate it on all pages without having to rebuild the animations every time.
Now I can accomplish what I want to do using legacy interactions. I can even save it as a Symbol to make reuse even easier.

I must be missing something.
Does anyone have any insight on this?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Welp… Figured it out. Sometimes I’m slower than the average turtle.

The answer make sure you use classes for trigger and target then you can reuse it on any page.


IX2 pro tip: when your design is done and you’re ready to craft your interactions, wrap the elements you want to target in an extra div, and give this div a unique, very self explaining class. (especially if the element you want to target has combo-class). It will be much easier to maintain and re-use interactions, and to re-affect animations components.


Great tip! Super helpful.