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Adding An Interaction to More than One Page


So I followed the tutorial on setting up the HIDE/SHOW Nav scroll animation, but have no idea how to get it onto the other pages of my site.

I realize we can’t yet use interactions on symbols, but thought that by changing to “Replace with class” would do the trick. I’m probably missing something fairly simple here, but any help would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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I might be confused by your question, but are you trying to copy the same custom navigation interaction onto other pages of your website? I ran into the same issue. I created a very cool custom navigation menu for mobile, and then realized i cannot turn the custom navigation into a symbol to copy it to other pages of my website.

Unfortunately the only way i was able to add it to all other pages was to re-build it on each page manually. I opened up Webflow in another browser, and just went line by line copying over the elements, and adding the classes. This is the only way i could figure out how to do it until they add symbol support.

Hi @Darius3311,

Sorry I’m so late in getting back to you. Yes this is what I’m talking about. I have NO idea why this wouldn’t be feasible. It kind of blows my mind really. In my opinion, there are definitely some cool things about Interactions 2.0, but I was so accustomed to how the original animations worked, that this does not feel intuitive at all.

I almost refuse to even recreate simple animations on different pages because of how basic this should be. Thanks for your suggestions!