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Odd Interaction Trouble

Trying to do something fairly simple.

  1. Select a Link class
  2. Goto interactions tab
  3. Choose Mouse Click
  4. Select Start Animation
  5. Click the + sign and name it.
    Now here is where the odd part comes in. I want that animation to effect a different class, so I click my layout out panel, choose my class, but now when I go back to the interactions tab it has pulled me out of the animation and wants me to stat a new animation for the currently selected class.

Am I missing something?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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So my bad. You can’t transfer animations in a symbol. So I got it done with a little custom javascript.

If anyone is intersted here is what i did:

Wanted to have a navigation that was the same on every page. made it a symbol. easy enough. Now for every page there is a page load animation. Works fine setting that up in the interactions. Basically a preloading div slides down after the whole page is added in.

Now what I wanted was that when I clicked any of the navigation that preloading div would slide up and after a quick wait then the page would change.

Now I got the slide up from a webflow video that showed adding custom javascript to make it wait so you can see the full animation before page change. Video Here.

But what I wanted was that it would happen from all the main nav links. And that was in a Symbol so recreating that on every page was a no go.

So what I found was that I could call a IX animation from custom javascript. So I created the animation, kicked out the code and opened the webflow.js file and found my animation. Below is the code I used to get it to work: