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IX 2.0 - Duplicating animations is LONG! Any other techniques being used?

Any one else having trouble duplicating interactions 2.0 animations? Just doing simple things like copy and pasting a navbar with some animations takes forever. Using subclasses for each element on each page and then tagging the animation to each one by typing it in, is just long. Unless I’m missing something and there’s a better way to do it?

Interactions 2.0 has speed up some aspects of design and hindered others.
We need IX 2.0 symbols ASAP!

I think the main issue that is annoying is that if you accidentally type in a class in the ‘Replace elements in animation’ that has been used else where it seems to wipe every thing and you have to start over again.

Any other thoughts or tips please say!

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Yeah you’re not alone, but it’s been worked on. There’s a wishlist on this. I know it will be worth the wait though :slight_smile:

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