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STILL Not sure how to get complex interactions to work on multiple pages

It was so simple for me to get any animation I created with legacy to transfer over. You would just create your animation and then pick what elements you wanted it to work with. I’ve been struggling with this transition to Interactions 2.0 because it seems counter-intuitive to how things were with legacy interactions.

I understand that I am now selecting a single element that I want to be the trigger for this animation, but for whatever reason, the trigger only seems to work on elements that are children or siblings of itself when it’s on a different page.

I’ve created a mobile navigation animation that triggers when you click the hamburger menu. Now I have both the Nav menu and the actual Link list as separate symbols. I’ve tried this with them both as symbols, both not as symbols and everything in between and can’t figure out what the issue is here.

You will notice it works as expected on the home page, but not any others. On the About page I got the Hamburger menu transformation to work but the actual link list does not animate in.

I greatly appreciate the update that came out today and I think it’s a step in the right direction, but I’m truly hoping they don’t say goodbye to legacy interactions before something like this is as simple as it was with them. That being said, maybe this is entirely feasible as is and I’m just not Interactions 2.0 competent.

I appreciate any help I can get on this greatly.

I should mention the navigation I’m speaking of is only visible starting at tablet size and you must scroll down the page a little ways before it appears.

Here is my public share link:
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It seems to work when I try it on all breakpoints. Maybe it’s just your end?
Nice site by the way.

EDIT…Sorry just re-read your post and tried on a different page, yeah it’s not working :(:zipper_mouth_face:

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Dang! I had hope for a couple seconds. No worries. I appreciate it. I can’t take complete credit for the design of the site either. I would give credit where credit is due, but I actually don’t know who the client started the project with!

Pretty wild. I literally just posted a very similar issue. I just opened your file and while the issue is similar, I notice you do not get the “element does not exist” error in the interaction. So now more confused on your issue. Also, my menu shows as being open and will not close, while yours shows as closed and will not open.


Hey! Yeah I don’t know what the difficulty with this is. I was getting the missing element caution signs at one point and then randomly I wasn’t anymore.

It seems like it should be pretty standard that users would want to make an interaction and replicate it on all pages, however it never works properly for me.

Like I mentioned, it seems that the elements of the interaction that are children of or siblings to the trigger element WILL work when copied and pasted, but not the other elements that are located elsewhere in the DOM.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon. I have no doubt the complexities of achieving this on the backend and I would have no idea where to begin, but Webflow has already done so much that this seems like pretty small taters in comparison.

Yep, I have interactions within my main interaction. The ones inside copy over fine but the top-level interaction did not.

Also, this was posted yesterday so maybe we’re trapped in limbo.

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Hi Spencer,
So I had another look at your preview site and I think the issue you are having is to do with the two versions of the mobile navigations global instances. There is a mobile navigations on the home page and a mobile nav on the other pages. Delete the mobile nav and replace with the mobile navigations and you should be good to go (at least it worked when I tried it)

Good luck,

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Hi @johnminshall! Thanks for the suggestion! I will give this a try and see what happens. Like I said, I didn’t take on this project from the beginning so there was a lot of other things created by the previous designer/developer that I’m working with/around.

You’re the man @johnminshall! That did the trick! I appreciate it!