Not Being Able to Clone Purchased Templates

I bought the Startup Template for $79. I have no problem paying for templates or other’s work. I don’t work for free. But not being able to clone a template to use as a “sandbox” means I have to use my one and only template to experiment and test. And if something goes wrong, good luck trying to get it working. And since you can’t seem to be able to copy elements within your Webflow projects, it also is difficult to extract the best parts of a template and put them into my own project. What is the solution here? Buy two templates every time? That doesn’t seem a good business model.

Hey @joe_in_brooklyn

I definitely don’t recommend buying multiple templates :slight_smile:

But, you can duplicate entire pages and use the duplicates for experimenting!

And Webflow automagically saves back ups. If you navigate to the site settings you will find a backups tab. Here you can restore any site to another time you were in the designer.
So if somethings breaks beyond repair, you can always resort to this!

Hope that helps!

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