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Duplicate a site for testing

I’d like to try and do some major changes to our Public/Live site. I’d prefer not to work on the live one incase it messes up but when I try to duplicate it for trying the changes out Webflow says I need to purchase another license for the template I’m using? Is there a way to experiment with a live site without paying more?

I didn’t realize purchasing a Template was only valid for a single site.

I thought - when you purchased a Template…

  • you were purchasing the right to use the Template as many times as you wanted.

It seems I was wrong.

After reviewing this page:

It seems…

  • you have to purchase a license for each use.

And duplicating the template - even for testing purposes…

  • is an additional use.

Good to know.

The page specifically says:

You can use a Paid Template for only one person/business/project. If you want to use the purchased template for a different client or project then you will have to purchase another license (by purchasing the template again).

The template can be customized to any degree (adding, altering or removing text, images, graphics, layout, design, etc) to fit your project’s needs.

The page also has a link for additional information:

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