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Not all collection items showing in collection template

Hi All,
I’m trying to show collection items on the collection template but not all the fields are showing.

Anyone having the same issues?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can you provide more context please? See Posting Guidelines for the CMS Help Category

Hi Samliew,
On the left is the page and the available fields to map to the content. But it doesn’t have all the fields that I have created (Please see right side image)

What field are you trying to use? Please provide your share link as well (see the LINK above).

Trying to access iPhone content, related support, Netbank content…

Basically I’m not getting all the fields created in the collection.

I have exactly the same issue today, I select ‘get text from products’ but I am not seeing all the fields from my selected CMS Collection?

Found the solution. If using rich text field in the cms the rich text component needs to be used on the bad to bind the content.