Content in CMS collection not showing in project template

Hi everyone,

I’ve populated my CMS for 2 project pages, and it was all working fine until yesterday night, I added some extra fields to separate quotes and images out so I can put them in colour on the pages, but today the content isn’t showing on the pages. I’ve checked and it’s still in the CMS as the edited content that I want on there, but when I go back to the pages the content isn’t there, some of the fields aren’t even showing. I’ve logged in and out of webflow and it’s not helped it either.

Does anyone know how to help please?! :slight_smile:

This is a read-only link to my site:


I checked it out and it seems to be working fine. You have to add rich text elements or paragraphs and link them to the CMS item. I tried switching the item links and it works fine.

If I didn’t get what you mean, let me know

I am facing the same issue. I added some extra fields in the CMS, but these fields are not showing up on the template page.