Need Help with some problems in CMS collection - Style and functionality

Hi guys, I have 3 problems with cms

  1. I created a page with cards (using cms collection) when I’m trying to get a text from the cms collection I don’t find the field I’m looking for in the list, I see that some fields are missing (Description & short description)…
  2. I can’t style the card on the same size, even though I used only flex layout
  3. If you can’t make a symbol from CMS, How do you work with it if you need to use it in few pages on the site? even copy-paste doesn’t work so well


Here is my public share link:

Hi there,

  1. Only the names of fields will be shown that match the type of element. E.g. for a Rich Text element, only fields with Rich Text content will be shown

  2. Try working with Grid layout instead
    Grid | Webflow University
    But – you can get this done with Flex too, by setting the collection item to Flex too (I think)

  3. You can’t turn collection items into Symbols, but you can turn a Collection element into a Symbol.


  1. But It is a rich text… and still doesn’t shown

  2. I think you can’t work with grid layout when you add a CMS collection because it has itself layout… you can add a grid and limit the collection to 1 item but then it doesn’t make sense, you will have to add manually one by one to the grid… correct me if I’m wrong, I just tried it already.

  3. I tried, it wont let me turn any element to a symbol

  1. This is what I can see

  2. You can definitely add Grid layout to a Collection element. Apply Grid to the Collection List.
    Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 11.28.31

  3. Are you sure you’ve selected the Collection List Wrapper rather than the Collection List?

that’s weird here is what I see:

And here’s my attempt to drag the grid into the CMS collection

Because you’re not connecting a Richt Text element. Drag in a RT element to which you’ll be able to connect your RT data.