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CMS Collection content not appearing on collection page

I have added 4 items to a new CMS collection and I have designed the corresponding collection page. Now, when viewing the items in the designer/on the published site, the CMS content is only appearing for two of the collection items. All the items appear on the overview list I created, but when clicking on two of the items I only get to a blank collection page.

The collection item fields are 2 text fields, up to 11 photos and 1 video link field. The collection page is designed with conditional visibility on the images and the video, so that it will only display if there’s a photo in the field. A very simple setup.

The published website is live at
The collection in question is called “Capsule Collection”, and the two items not appearing are called “Loungewear” and “Water Repellent”.

I have been trying to resize the photos and recreate the items, but still having the same issues.
Appreciate any help!


Here is my public share link: LINK

Seems like you already resolved this.

Ensure that your collections match the collection list’s filter, otherwise they will not be shown.