Nobull Airtable-Webflow integration: does it sync both ways?

A site owner is interested in managing Webflow CMS data via a spreadsheet. So I came across Nobull that allows you to:

"Control Webflow CMS collections directly in Airtable."

My question: Does Nobull sync both ways? Clear is that changes in Airtable will be reflected on the Webflow site. But if an Editor makes changes directly via the Webflow Editor, will this then sync to Airtable (incl. Image changes)?

Thank you for answers!

With Nobull you can choose to have the sync go in either direction. So you can have updates go from Webflow → Airtable OR from Airtable → Webflow.

Definitely correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that you can’t do both.

DISCLAIMER: I’m the co-founder of Whalesync which offers a product in the same space.

But just to mention, we’re very close to releasing 2-way sync for our Airtable x Webflow sync. Additionally, Whalesync syncs data in real-time (rather than batches) and is a standalone app, so you don’t need to keep Airtable open to use it.

Lmk if you’re still in need of 2-way sync and I’d be happy to update you once it goes live.