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No uploading Ecommerce products with zapier

It seems like importing products via zapier is not possible. Can someone please confirm this? @brjohnson, @kkilat would you be able to let me know? Thankyou!

Related to this, is broader CMS / zapier issue that is no ability to create reference fields in a zap. This will come a major pain point for product imports with zapier. Additional product edits would need to occur in the CMS and so no fully automatic inventory system to webflow workflow can be achieved.

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I am testing creation of products via zapier. The product is getting created. However if I try to view the CMS detail in either the editor or designer CMS, Webflow crashes.

I am wondering if it is due to one of two things I can see.

  • The zapier webflow action template has no price field.
  • I was also testing a manual category reference id field extracted from data-w-item for the category.

@HammerOz - I don’t think Zapier has the implementation done for E-commerce or since E-Commerce is in beta, the API might not be completely baked. I have not had to deal with adding products via the API yet, so I could be wrong. Just an observation.

We might know more after tonights live chatroom. You could bring this up as a question then.

Thanks @webdev. I think you are right. I watch the release video (well done WF), but it isn’t mentioned. I have updated my initial post and will create a wishlist item if needed.

Oh… it looks like I have to get the SKU collection involved in a multistep zap. I don’t know how that is going to work.I guess that the manual SKU won’t be the uuid anyway and as such where am I going to get that from.

At the moment, you cannot map CMS reference and multi-reference fields to Zapier fields.

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Thanks @webdev. Yep I see that, but someone mentioned on the relevant wishlist item that it will work if you have the id/uuid of the reference field. I can confirm it works. At present I don’t see how to reveal collection ids with zapier functionality. Instead I have started testing what the api produces which has cleared up the data model in my head.

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@HammerOz = That reference to adding the items___id into the spreadsheet, was for a simple collection, which works fine.

I had tested Zapier updates by doing a API request on a test blog schema (/collections/yourtargetcollectionID/items , saving the output as JSON, converting it to CSV, adding to Google Sheet, then configuring the ZAP to read the Sheet from Google Drive. That works.

Need to add a multi-reference field to the blog collection and test. Maybe today.

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