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Can I maintain ecommerce product data via the api?

Hi all,

Can anyone help me understand whether we can add, update Products via the api yet?

Is there a Products api yet to be documented in the API reference under Ecommerce?

Any help much appreciated.

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From the API docs.

Ecommerce products under the hood are just CMS items with a little bit of extra information. When listing collections, there are three ecommerce specific collections, SKUS , Products , and Categories . SKUs contains specific data like price, size, weight, etc. (item inventory is referenced by SKU) and reference back to a Product . Products can be put into multiple Categories .

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@webdev Thanks for the reply, I thought this might be so given that other e-commerce endpoints are documented. I just wanted to verify as a few Integration site providers are no not exposing the Price field which I believe is a required field for ecommerce products. Support desks for these sites are stating they are waiting for Webflow to update the api.

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Have not checked. You could get the full schema and check yourself.

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Just checked as I was curious. Price info is in the SKUs collection.
{ "name": "Price", "slug": "price", "type": "CommercePrice", "required": true, "editable": true, "id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" },

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@webdev Thanks for the info I’m hoping to get this all working with Zapier Zaps or Zoho Flows. I’m not a developer so I’m relying on these pre-built integrations to function out of the box but they seem incomplete and experimental at best. Add, Edit Delete was what I was hoping for.

When there are enough people needing something, and willing to pay for it, it will happen. I might even build it so it can integrate with a app I already have to manage orders and invoicing , inventory, customers, and the sales process. :wink:

I’d be interested in a price for sure. I have an ecommerce store 80% complete with 1000 or so SKU’s in Zoho Inventory and I wish to maintain that data there and have it sync with Webflow. Out of interest what are you using to manage invoicing, inventory etc, etc.

Custom app (Mac, Win, IOS) with a server backend.

I’d welcome a price for the integration work let me know what information you’d need.

The big handbrake on the api is not being able to update and create reference fields in products as with other collections. At least I think it is still no doable.

You can certainly add two additional reference fields to e-commerce products in wf via the console. Should not be an issue in the API. Will be testing soon.

@webdev Wonder if you’d offer some advice? I’m trying to find our what the SKU Values field in Zapier Create Item Zap is for and what data I map to it?

Have had zero luck with Webflow support and according to Zapier they wrote the Zap!

Any help would be much appreciated!

If you do an export you will see a variant sku column. Which in the interface is “SKU”, in the Inventory Tracking Section. Which is a unique Stock Keeping Unit for tracking inventory and the like. If you have two systems, you could join the product/inventory data on the SKU. You don’t have to enable inventory tracking to enter a SKU value.

Thanks for that information. I understand the principal of a SKU but to be specific the SKU Value field in the zap is a required field and expecting data to be mapped to it.

So what is the definition of a SKU ‘Value’ is it expecting ‘Variant SKU’, ‘Variant Price’ or any of the other Variant information.

Screen grab

Error thrown:

We had trouble sending your test through.
The app returned “Invalid format for Commerce Property Values”. This usually happens when your Zap is missing a required field or a field value isn’t in a recognized format.
We made a request to and received (400) Bad Request.

Can’t tell what your doing from a partial screen grab.

Are you adding a new item or updating an existing item?
Has it ever worked for you? Or is this a new problem?
If you manually added a record with your data via the webflow app, does it work?

Fault isolation is tough. Details are essential.

Thanks for the response.

Are you adding a new item or updating an existing item?
A new ecommerce Product. Standard cms items work OK.

Has it ever worked for you? Or is this a new problem?
Not yet, new problem.

If you manually added a record with your data via the webflow app, does it work?
I can add products no problem via the Webflow backend.

Fault isolation is tough. Details are essential.
The SKU Values field is causing the error because it’s not receiving the right data. My question is simply what is it expecting? Is it expecting a mapping of Variant Sku, Variant Price or some other data?

You will need to make sure that each required value is present and conforms to the webflow api validations first.

I can send you the current schema. Just PM me if you need it.

Hey, hello, i am currently having the same problem.
Trying to upload products via api, but the problem is that i don’t know where to place the sku-properties, since it’s a composition of ids, i create a product, get the id, and trying to use that id in order to create a new sku for each product variation.
But i get an error that is required, so i’m in a loop here

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I’m also experiencing this problem.

I’m trying to use zapier to create ecommerce items but the required sku properties field makes it impossible.

This is a huge problem since webflow and zapier have advertised that this functionality is possible. Anyone have success in using zapier to create a webflow ecommerce item?


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