Unable to Create Live Product via Zapier?

I’m attempting to create a new Ecommerce item on my Webflow store using Zapier’s “Create Live Item” action, triggered by a form submission. Unfortunately it looks like Zapier’s permissions are being blocked by Webflow, rendering it unable to create a new product. Is there anyway around this?

For additional reference, I’ve tried the SKU CMS Collection as well as the Products CMS Collection and received the same error. I also have similar zaps working for non-ecommerce collections, so it’s not an issue with our Zapier / Webflow integration on a broad level.

Any thoughts / input?

Hey @Matt_McGinnis

I’m getting the same error on Zapier!

Except I’m trying to “create/update a live product item” when a “new record is added/updated on my airtable (trigger)”

I think the solution may have something to do with using the E-commerce API… If so, it would be super helpful if there was a video tutorial…

CCing some Webflow experts!
Maybe they can help.

@vincent @PixelPanda @PiterDimitrov @sarahfrison @PixelGeek