Have you created products & SKUS: zapier or api?

I tried this earlier in the year and like a wounded bear have come back for another crack at it!

Goal - product created in another app like Squareup, shipstation, then create ecom product in webflow.

Using Webflow’s zapier “create item” a product can be created BUT if you open this product in Webflow it crashes Webflow. The product must be deleted. I assume because the product is missing SKU information, it causes webflow to hemorrhage.

It seems logical that a corresponding SKU record must be created in the same step (pulling in product id referenced form the first step in order to add price, stock etc. However I am getting “400 bad request”. There are required fields including SKU values which I might be the issue. In testing the api existing SKU look like this: “sku-values”:{}


There will obviously be other hurdle like uploading an image, but I feel this is essential functionality.

I created this wishlist item a while back and will update it accordingly if you have feedback.