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No text formatting popup in Editor

On some of the pages of my site I don’t get the text formatting popup when I select text (but on some of the other pages I do)
In the pages where it doesn’t work I get these error messages in the dev console

And according to my colleague it worked just fine some days ago

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @torbjornvatn, Welcome to the forums.

Try running your browser in incognito mode with no extensions loaded. Looks like you may have an extension collision. See if that resolves the issue.

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It didn’t help, but I got some new errors though

Hi @torbjornvatn

Thanks for that additional information. Definitely sounds like weird behavior!

Also welcome to the Webflow Forums :slight_smile:

Could you please let us know on which pages / elements you aren’t seeing the text formatting tool appear? If you could also provide a screen recording of what you see, that would be very helpful too. CloudApp or Quicktime work well for this.


Here’s an example that it works on one page of the project but not in another


jQuery.Deferred exception: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'i.default._webflow._persistentUIState=q') (2)
WebflowEditor — webflow-editor.min.0fdb590626.js:1:3633536
(anonymous function) — webflow.cb5b88d14.js:38:11861
l — jquery-3.3.1.min.js:2:29381
(anonymous function) — jquery-3.3.1.min.js:2:29679

New jQuery error today.
Could it be that some of our custom Javascript added in the Custom Code tab is causing this?

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