No response from support at all

I cannot attach my read only link BECAUSE:


Thats my Trouble Ticket number if anyone cares.

I click OPEN DESIGNER and it starts but the line stops and the browser quit trying. I tried 3 other browsers…same thing.

I cannot open ANY back-ups.

It will not duplicate the site.

I submitted my ticket over 6 hours ago, no phone number, AI is sleeping at the switch so my client is staring at me like I’m the idiot. It’s broken through and through. HEEELP ME!

Generally non-Enterprise support requests take longer than 6 hours. Usually 1 to 3 days, depending on the support department you’re trying to reach.

Main thing is self-help. Try disabling all browser extensions, clearing your cache, try a different computer, a different network.

I’m assuming your published site is running fine but you cannot access the designer?

Yes, it’s up and running but I have html embed for small screens that allows the menu to adjust, for some reason it became hidden and not showing.

I’ll try disabling browser extentions but they were there and it was working fine, previously.

1 - 3 days? That’ll get me fired for sure. Geez and here I am touting how cool Webflow is.

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I disabled the extensions and clear all the cache and history and everything else I could.

Didn’t open the designer. Still stuck.

I guess I am forced to wait 1-3 days. Very depressing.

Thank you anyway Michael Wells, was nice to have someone reach out in this lonely and cold support world lol.