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HELP! My Dashboard has turned to garble code

Help! My dashboard looks like garble across multiple browsers.
I can’t seem to access the website I am building, nothing on this dashboard is clickable. What do I do?

I would make sure you have no browser extensions messing things up and are using a supported browser. Try disabling them (extensions) or better yet visit the dashboard in private/incognito mode. That will typically clear your cache and disable most extensions. If the issue persists then reach out to support.

Thanks for your reply - I have reached out to support, no response yet. Tried 2 browsers - safari and chrome - no extensions, tried incognito mode too. My webflow account is currently unusable because of this.

I’m new to webflow and have been building a trial website on the free tier to get my head around it, but just agreed with my business partner to invest heavily in this platform going forward with all our website clients. Not a good start. Not a good start at all. I just want my account to work.

We will get back to you in 1-2 days!!! Are you actually joking? That’s the timing given for support. I literally can’t access anything!!!

Back to Wordpress we go.

@Putzy I ask you to please be patient with Webflow support. I know you are frustrated with your experience so far, but I am sure within the time they quoted they will have a solution to your problem. 24-48 hours is actually a reasonable time for support especially when it comes to an error like this. They may even have a solution sooner.

Lucky I don’t have actual client work to do on this occasion!

I have to do daily amends on a number of sites that I am currently running from Wordpress and Adobe Muse. You might think that 24-48 hours is reasonable but I can assure you that my clients would not.

Anyway - for now - we wait. Fingers crossed this gets sorted asap.

Yes 24-48 hours is not reasonable for something as fundamental as hosting and editing your website. This should be the main thing that is checked in regression testing.

I’m also new to webflow and my company has opted to use this platform to create our own website. I have spent the past week and a half learning everything I can, and then this happens. This is not a good start at all.

Josh has this happened to you as well? Is it not just me?

Go to the list of forum posts and you will see how many other people are experiencing it as well.

Hey y’all, it does seem like this has affected a subset of users. I do not see this issue personally but some potential workarounds that you can try while you wait for support to fix it.

Oh yeah! When I posted I seemed to be the first so assumed it was just me. Kinda glad it isn’t just me because this now means the the 24-48 hours should get escalated and reduced.

I also sent support a message, so I think it will escalate it exponentially if others have as well.

This works, if you need access to your design immediately.

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I am glad this worked for you! I’ll add the reply here: