No paragraph formatting in rtf > cms > api

I haven’t seen any discussion re. this, but here goes.

We are using an api to populate items in a collection. All good there.

One of the items is a block of copy (couple of paragraphs) that gets stored in a rtf block in the cms, however… when the api auto publishes, this block of copy renders without any formatting.

If I physically go to the collection and click on the item, add a space or anything, then save, it renders correctly!!

(This is specifically something about the way the content gets stored or rendered with api publishing and NOT if I have my rtf block formatted correctly. It is.)

No preview link as it is confidential.

Just saw this, so will report back.

Ok, seems like the formatting wasn’t being set correctly by the api.
Once that was done (the

in this case) it worked – as well as h1, h2, b, etc.
The new line and new para break from the api did not, without have the manual edit step.