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No auto-created CMS pages being generated?

Hi there,

I am new here and certainly doing something wrong. I bought a template and created some CMS pages with linked content (Great!) but now when I create a new “practice” blog CMS collection (of course I hope to modify the content of the blog later, as well as the “resources” page) I can’t locate the actual webpages which (I think?) are supposed to be generated by the CMS content creator?

I did try and use the “collection list” item (which I think just creates links to the very same “pages” I am missing?) but of course the URLS don’t work.

I watched several videos and I suspect I am making some newbie mistake but perhaps my mistake can help myself as well as others by posting here.

Thank you in advance for your responses and kind understanding

Here is my public share link:

Just an additional note the “Practice Areas” CMS and the links to the main page work just fine (someone helped me with this so not sure if it “came like that” or if I’m missing something this time)

For each collection you have, there’s a template page

In the template page you design how all the items of the collection will look.

When in a template page, you can list and show all items from the top menu:

So, you get it, there are no “pages”, just a page template that’s being populated with the CMS data when you request it. The same kinda happens* online when the site is published: there’s no page until a visitor asks for one, then the server creates it for him.

*in reality, the server being smart produces all the pages in advance because it’s quicker to serve them then. It’s called something like “CMS published as flat”.