Blog post not displaying... what am I doing wrong?

I watched the tutorial videos and still having issues. I created a blog collection and then a sample blog post but it is not displaying (and it’s published). I am very puzzled.

Here is the preview link for this site:

Any help would be so appreciated.

Oh by the way, I am puzzled by the “collection templates” pages. I understand what a collection is what I don’t understand is what these are for. We have to still create a “page” such as a “blog” and place the dynamic content on that.

The Collection Template page is what is used to display each individual collection item. You would use it to display your full blog post. If there isn’t anything in the template then the page wont’ display.

Does that make sense?

@GodlessGlen - Webflow CMS works differently from traditional blogging software in the sense that you need to design/create all the ways that your dynamic content is pulled into your site.

Check out this start-to-finish video to see how you would do that for a blog:


Ok, but I have something in the template.

Hi Vlad. I’ll re-watch the video. Apparently I am missing something.

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