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Newbie: Design problem ( right hand side )

Hi all,

I am new to Webflow and have an issue with the right hand side of my page. It appears to have a wide gap which creates movement on the browser when I scroll in live view. It means it doesn’t flow nicely as you make your way down he page. Please see link to know what I mean and note this is a work in progress site… Not finished by a mile.
Also any other would be great.

If anyone could help it would be much appreciated!




Your link didn’t work but offhand I’d say you need to change the Overflow for that section to hidden.

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Does this link work?

Thanks for your response

The whole page isn’t working with me. I only see three sections, and a picture appears when i hover.
See screenshot.

I think you have made some design errors, and some common mistakes:

  1. You’ve got your body set to overflow hidden. This disables the whole
    site and it’s content. Set it to visible.

  2. In the section-ms you’ve got a text as a background. That is useless usage of bandwidth. Use
    a div, fill it with txt. If you want you can put z-index to -1.

  3. In that sense as well. Your picture of the pigs is wayyyy to large. Resize it in Gimp, photoshop or paint to create something upto 130kb file size.

  4. The extra width of the site (whitespace) is due to the H3 you use in the coverupwhite section that messes it up.

    /* transform: translateX(100px) translateY(92px); */