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Weird white space overflow

I have a weird white space on the right hand side of my home page that is throwing all my spacing off. I tried hiding the overflow but it cuts off some sections of my page. Any tips on how to get rid of that without cutting off the content in my body section.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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is this visible for desktop, tablet or mobile? Could you send your staging domain, I can’t see any white space in the designer. :slight_smile:

This should be visible for desktop, tablet, or mobile. I am still using the free trial right now so I do not have a staging domain yet. When you click on the link and scroll to the right there’s a white space. I want to make it so that you are not able to even scroll to the right. I hope the image clarifies my question!

Hmm, this is how your project looks for me:

You should be able to publish your project to a staging domain while being on the free tier though.

Oh ok thanks for letting me know I just published it!
here is the link:
Let me know if you see the problem I am describing!


yes, you have a left & right margin set on your “container” div. Try removing those margins and see if it works out :slight_smile:

Omg yes it did! Thank you so much for helping! It’s a small thing that I missed!