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Serious Help needed on various elements my website. Please Help


I need some help changing elements of my website and information on why certain things are not working, willing to provide login details for extra help physically changing the site.

Read Only Link:

Browser type: Google Chrome Version 41.0.2272.89 (64-bit)


1.The Navigation Bar seems to have a scrolling effect where the text goes up and down when you scroll over it, something I can’t seem to get rid of, I want it to be a single bar without the ability of moving and losing site of the text. (See below: the text has moved slightly downwards)

I would also like to know whether the line beneath the nav link can stay highlighted when you reach a particular section of the page as I want the users to be aware of the section they are on as a useful way of locating sections on the site.

  1. The width of the browser means that certain elements such as text and images move or disappear out of site once I have minimized/adjusted the size of the browser. (See Below: The text has moved over)

3.The width of the page changes randomly when you reach a certain point, I can’t figure out what is making this happen? I.e. the browser width appears to widen at a certain point. How can I prevent this? (See Below the white space at the edge on the second image)

I would appreciate any other advice or help that can be given to me.


Kate :slight_smile:

Ok, before entering into details, I think you may be better to rework your page considering a few things:

  1. use a NAVBAR widget to build you navbar. You already here have a lot of complicated structure just for you navbar. Starting with a component made for that task may be the good way to go.
  2. use CONTAINERS for your content so it stays within 940px range in the middle, center, of your browser.
  3. take some time to watch all the tutorials. it’s not much, but it will explain you these concepts in details.

There are ways to fix your problems using the structure you’ve put in place, but you could benefit from a better start.


I have to agree with @vincent the tutorials are a great place to start.

Find the tutorials here

Hi Kate,
What @vincent and @Davidn are saying is that - in figurative speech - whilst building your house you chose the wrong building materials at the wrong places.

In short: your house is now using wooden tiles for its foundation, and steel bars as a door. Although it will probably hold, it’s not the best way to build a house. And as you’re running into problems (the scrolling thing compares nicely to the steel-bar door not opening well) you might at best reconstruct the lot.

Most important:
You’ve got the content;
You’ve got a style sheet;
You’ve got a little experience working with Webflow.

The best thing to do now is:
0. Watch some tutorials about how to use the navbar and containers

  1. Start a complete new project
  2. Accept that there are some restrictions in design, and find a workaround or settle for less.
  3. Show your progress in the forums and ask for help when needed.

Good luck!

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Your design concept is very nice! You might want to take a look at how your site appears on mobile and then strategize a new build structure for the same design. Webflow is an amazing tool but you do have to plan well – design, element structure, html structure, and responsive structure well prior to starting the project. You can do a lot of it as you go along but the core concepts for each need to be done upfront.

Looking at your design, I’d probably wireframe it on paper and plan the responsive flow before going any further. It might be necessary to take a few steps back before proceeding.