Responsive Website

Hey Guys hope you doing great… I have been working on my website I am done with the design now I am trying to make it responsive, I made the change and trying to preview it on my phone is not working properly I can see a lot of space on the right side. Any help?
here is my website

This is not a read-only sharing link. Can you generate one from the Designer? (on top right close to Export and publish).

Ok. I see you haven’t started making your site responsive. There is a lot overflowing content that is provoking those white space on the right, even at desktop level.

In order to fix that, you need to understand the flowing concepts of HTML and CSS, how the content stacks and how it wraps.

I advise that you start by learning the concepts around this. Here is a good start: Intro to responsive design | Webflow University

Okay, I watch that video already and I follow it, I understand CSS and HTML because I make all my website with it this is my first time using webflow, I put all my contain into a container I don’t know if I need to use Div

you gonna fix your footer it’s too big reduce it a little bit