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New website of mine

Was wondering if you had any suggestions or improvements I could make.
My other website links are down the bottom.

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You can easily make it more digest and readable by adding space, room, margins, by increasing lines heights too, and by adding a bit of dark and light to the sections backgroud to help with text reading too. Then you can maybe try to use less colors and less complexity for elements (for example see hat I do to the button).

Also you could find a better color for the green text. Pure green is difficult to read on screen, and aggressive.

There are a lot of palettes sites that can help finding a nice color palette to use on your pages:

Hope this helps. See the screencast below:

edit: Im making the changes you are recommending, as well as watching the screencast. You’ve helped a newbie make his website 100x better =) And for that I really appreciate it.

How does it look now? I havent watched the screencast of yet but am going to do that now.

Aaaaand that’s making my day :slight_smile: I really appreciate that you come back to say that :smiley:

Way better! Way, way better. I’m not gonna lie, you’ve chosen a very “busy” graphic design style. But by reworking it with the guidelines, it’s way less aggressive and readable than before. The orange instead of the green works way better and the texts are readable with more air inside.

Due to the heavy nature of the site you can increase the 30/30 padding on sections to 40 or even 50.