New website by Newbie, need suggestions and fixes

Hey, I’m new to website design. I’ve tried doing in the past but wasn’t good with the code side of it.
Thankfully I came across webflow and like it.

Here is my website. I would appreciate constructive criticism and suggestions on how to improve it.

Hi, to begin with, add real content…; a handful of complete posts with illustrations. Also finish the structure, create the pages and sections you miss (about,contact) and complete your primary menu.

It will be better for you and others to react on the design.

Also, style the colors of your links (to avoid the standard blue for links and purple for followed links)

Also, chose a color palette for the whole website. There are many sites like colourlovers. Simple site is:

Do all this and come back for contructive criticism because for the moment it’s a bit hard to see where you’re going :smile:

Hope this helps.