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I need website design suggestions, and improvements!

I have been working on this design, for a company I work for, I personally dislike this design since it feels cluttered, is there any improvements I could make, that would make it a cleaner, more usable, and simpler design? Or just any design improvements I should make in general?

Here is the website link:

New updated website link:

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Here are some thoughts.

  • Remove the background or clean it up. Less grading and just use some of the graphics.
  • Make sure the graphics is smoother.
  • The create account is misplaced, senter it and make it in a section with another background color maybe?
    The CTA button could have a color and a mouse over effect.
  • The same for the domain name form
  • What happens after, Simple secure and fast is nice. Here its just the background that messes everything up.
  • The starting at boxes needs to be more insync. Same height and width.
  • Get Excellent Hosting With ProxyBite and the button needs to come together. The button need a color and a mouse over effect.

Thats some things I would have changed :slight_smile: Good luck! And lock for inspiration on other sites. Find the nices ones and try match them. Don’t copy, just make your even better :wink:

Thanks for the reply, I will update those things, and see how it looks, also the graphics were alot smoother, but were around 2-3mb each with compression for the background design, so I divided it up, and used multiple domain names to download the backgrounds at once instead of individually, even then the page is fairly large!

While I am fixing those issues (your feedback was amazing) is there anything else I should fix on the other pages?

I fixed everything, merged it with our landing page, made pricing more clear for our main product (VPS Servers) and fixed alot of other things, while making it cleaner, and making it match our order page.

Anyone have any input on the new design, in terms of looks, color, and usability?

I did not like the color dullness, a little sharpness in the color may work better

Let me try and make it a little sharper, and more poppy!

I like where it’s going.

  • The circles in the background at the top are choppy, as are some of the other illustrations throughout the site. I’d maybe build the site without illustrations first, then see where or if you need to add some in. The illustration theme is cool, but depending on who you’re trying to reach, it could be a bit too playful / informal. At the minute I’d say they’re taking away from the experience.

  • Less is more.

  • Space is good, but there seems to be a bit too much vertical spacing.

  • Have a look at the fonts you’re using, perhaps try and stick to 2, one for headings, one for content?

  • The ‘create account’ button could do with some colour. I wouldn’t really know what I’m signing up for either? Have a think about where else you could position this CTA.

  • The icons are a bit overwhelming, in size.

  • The domain bar seems to just be hanging there… I’d maybe give this section a white background and provide a bit more guidance as to what the form is for, i.e. ‘Check your domains availability…’

  • I would generally look at where you can break the page up a bit more to create a clearer visual hierarchy. Whether that’s using boxes or adding some flat backgrounds in. At the minute I seem to just be scrolling down the page with no direction, if that makes sense?

  • Maybe put the pricing section into 3 columns, so the last 2 center below the 3? I’d give these boxes a white background too, and tighten up the spacing between the text.

  • Not sure what I think of the tablet / mobile views of the pricing section. Bit overwhelming.

Hope some of that helps :slight_smile:

There shouldnt be circle on the background at all, did you click the right link?

Try and get some inspiration from this one:

I’ve used VidaHost for a long time and I’ve always found it easy to use.

They have a simple interface, not to many graphics, fast movements/animations and a easy on the eye colour scheme.
Like other people have said before, less is more.

It’s looking good and it has enough information to understand the website, now you just need to clean it a bit.

SO much better! :slight_smile:

The form in the Hero section is to wide and there is something strange with the computer and the “content” on the screen. Its off.

I think I would have a sticky header.

I don’t like that I come to another site with a different look when using the menu. Is that something you have to do?

Use the ref that Iggs sent you for fine tuning :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input, will do!

Sounds great, and thanks I will go ahead and fix that, as well as the header on both sections of the site!

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Ok fixed all of that, just refining it now, and making everything look singular!

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