New Webflow Integration Questions

We are evaluating Webflow as a replacement for our old non-responsive osCommerce platform, and I have a few questions about key features we need it to support. I’m hoping I can get some advice from the experienced custom coders out there.

Here are some of the key shipping / checkout features we need -

  • Use our backend server to get shipping rates during checkout.
  • Ask the user additional shipping questions prior to estimation such as; do you have a forklift.
  • Give the user a choice of apply for financing instead of payment.
  • Give the user a choice of requesting a freight quote instead of payment.
  • Calculate taxes using Avalara directly or by calling our backend integration with Avalara.

We are coming from a standard LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), so naturally we have plenty of PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS experience. We lack experience with modern PHP frameworks like Symfony and Laravel, but we are hoping to get the integration done without having to get into all that.

We will have to go to a lot of effort to migrate our data and create API integrations, so I’d love to know what the seasoned Webflow developers out there thing. We are very willing to pay for someone’s time to dig deeper into this if you have the experience and credentials.

The bottom line is that we’d like to know this migration and integration is possible before we undertake all of that effort only to find out that pieces of Webflow of heavily constrained or locked out, and the only option is to use a 3rd party plugin integration and pay per transaction.

So what do you think?

All the best.

@timrb - Tim you can hit me with a private message and we can discuss your project requirements.