Improved Ecommerce Backend

Hello fellow Webflower’s,

I have been using Webflow for roughly around a year now, specifically to manage an E-commerce site, and have discovered some of the features that are lacking in E-commerce. Specifically when it comes to a sites backend for European customers. Over in Europe clients require a fully compliant VAT invoice, and the rules behind these invoices are much more complicated compared to that of the receipt that is automatically sent to a customer. I have tried lots of solutions but none seem to cut it. Such as Integromat to invoice software, and Zappier to invoice software, however the system was highly unreliable and failed most times. My current solution right now is a little more technical, and I was wondering if it is something that you all might be interested in. I have created my own backend software, and importing all of my native Webflow data into custom databases with custom workflows that create invoices. I have learnt quickly that the features behind this system could be substantially increased, such as product management, a fully operational POS sale system that tracks inventory, Webflow form integrated CRM software, and much more. I do have the opportunity to make it a more dynamic software in the near future, where you would only have to add your Webflow API token too unlock all of these features for your own site. However before I put in the work, and develop a working solution for all, I wanted to gauge interest in the community, and what people would be willing to pay for such a backend solution.

James Copping