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Hi there,
I couldn’t find information anywhere, support wasn’t able to answer me too, so I am here looking for guidance.
Issue in short, I want to make eShop on Webflow. I know there is upcomming update and I know we can use foxy. But what I am interested in are custom integrations. Such as “Cardinity” or “PaySera” (I’ll add links to documentation). They have integrations into major platforms such as WordPress, OpenCart, Shopify, etc, but provides API custom methods for others. I am a junior front-end developer, so I am not very familair with PHP/cURL/Java, but from what I understand, those integrations require for you to use HTTP methods to GET/POST/PATCH objects into website. And from what I understand in webflow knows how to extract that information through API reference only. You can only write html/css/js in custom code element, so my main question is:
Is it possible to achieve what I am talking about? Or without premade integration by developer team we are stuck with static websites, without eShop capabilities?
TL;DR I want eShop on Webflow with payment platform.

Links to those integrations:

Looking forward hearing from you guys,
P.S. My website is irrelevant, so I am not posting any links to it.

I think you can customised every aspect of @foxy.

Maybe Josh can give you a more detailed explanation. Anyway, I’ll take a look at the other links but imho foxy covers it all.

Thanks for the reply, @aaronocampo .
I already wrote to foxy support for more information, because I have nothing against it, but it seems that their Europe support might be weak (they still have old currency of my country, even though it was changed ~3 years ago), so I am not sure how the payments would go through, would any additional taxes incur, etc.
Cardinity and PaySera are supported here, that’s why my main focus is directed to it.
Maybe after receiving foxy reply I’ll use it after all.
My current website is made on their template afterall :slight_smile:

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Hi @Giedrius.
Thank you for your feedback. We’re confirming the currency change and getting that fixed. Were there any other questions or concerns that weren’t covered in our email conversation? Did you get a chance to look at the gateway options we currently support?

We’re here to help if you need anything.


Also, to confirm… Cardinity looks to be more of a processor rather than a gateway, so they may work with gateway(s) we already support.