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New user issues with slider pages not showing

I am a new/ novice webflow user. I’m trying to use the slider - and while the first page seems to display normally, the pages following that dont seem to be functioning properly. I was curious if anyone can assist?

Here is the read only link :

Should open up to the homepage which is the page the slider is displayed on. The second slide should have a red background.

Thanks & lmk if any additional info is needed.

Took a look and you really don’t need all the layers if possible :slight_smile: Use 1 section, 1 div, then add the slider if you want to simplify things. The section will just give you the name of the area… header, testimonials, etc… the div will just wrap your content. If you can… delete one and start over.


After you add the slider… only click on the “Slide Number” layer… go to Styles and add background image

You can add text, etc… straight from there… I tested it on link… and it worked fine… hope that helps.

Looks to have done the trick - I appreciate it @garymichael1313!

No problem… take care.

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