New UI Display Settings

Hi Community!

I’m a complete beginner to Webflow, and I’m currently going through this tutorial while I’m learning. (with some help from this tutorial for the slider

The issue is, the Layout section in the designer is looking different on my screen vs the tutorial, and seem to have different display settings… It’s made it quite confusing, and I’m not really sure how to move on. Does anyone have any tips where I can find updated tutorials?

Another issues I’m having (related to this), is that I can’t seem to align the Header and Paragraph on top of each other - instead, they are next to each other… I have no idea how to change this!


Any ideas at all? :slight_smile:

Hi Johanna, welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

The UI is a bit different, you are right. Where did yo get stuck?

I finally managed to align the text i had trouble with originally, but only to get stuck again

I fixed my previous issue as I realise (probably a bit stupidly) that I should change the alignment of the container, not the actual content.

However, I’m now trying to distribute the content in my NavBar so that the title is in the far left corner, and the menu items are grouped in the far right corner fi that makes sense, but so far I’ve only managed to be able to distribute them evenly like below;

The only thing i’ve thought of is playing with the margin/padding on minus to move the title text, but I feel like there should be a better way of doing it?

To sum up - I’m basically struggling a bit with getting my head around distributing and aligning different elements in a container, and finding it har to keep up with the tutorials as the UI is slightly different - any tips on good up to date articles/videos to watch while the Webflow videos are being updated?

Thanks so much for any help - all advice welcome!! :heart::pray:

The UI is a bit different, but the names of the properties and what they do are the same. So once you hit a video with an older UI, try to catch the name of the property, and hover over the same section properties to find which one it is. There aren’t that much properties in each section :slight_smile: