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Any Tuts with Newest Interface?

I have been watching the Tuts on the Webflow site and have realized after wasting a lot of time that the UI is totally different, and now even some features have been adjusted so I’m still left wondering a few key things. Does anyone know where some good intermediate-level Tuts with the latest UI are? I need them desperately please! Thank you.

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The UI is not at all totally different. The interactions have moved to the last panel on the right, the Add panel on the right and a few things have been tuned, apart of that it remains fairly the same UI, you’ve wasted nothing.

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@sybastian16 - here’s a brand new one:

Many more coming soon thanks to the awesome @thewonglv :smiley:

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I may have exaggerated a bit, but whatever back-end changes they made to the formatting, layout organizing, etc. has made it so when I watch a video and try to follow along I have some major differences in the way my stuff is working in Webflow. So yeah, it’s totally different when you’re trying to have some continuity between your project and the one your watching them build. Nice input, by the way. You really brought a useful comment to the conversation, ya troll!

hey Webflow team, just my 2 Candian cents here…

It would be great if the Webflow team could create a google doc of all the tutorials / videos.
I’m not to sure if its possible for me to use that ‘template’ doc of yours, and then allow me to mark off what tutorials I’ve taken. But if you could share this kind of master list with #'s next to each one kind of like what you guys have in Vimeo

keep up the great work #teamWF

p.s Is there a page or forum post where we can meet all the guys / gals on the Webflow team!

I’m not, that’s a really sad comment.


Thanks for the input guys, now I have a question that doesn’t really pertain to this topic, but, is there are reason why my layout looks different from one computer to the next? I work on my design at home, then at work when pull it up on my laptop some of the spacing gets all out of whack. So I fix it on my laptop, and then the same thing happens on my desktop. Any ideas?

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I figured it out… I was practicing a spaghetti workflow from the beginning… Rookie move >,>