New Sunlight Site & App ☀️

Hi everyone,

Thought I’d share the latest iteration of Sunlight’s site.

We’ve also used Webflow to prototype the entire web application (yes, webflow is that awesome), which hopefully I’ll be able to share soon (might actually make a blog post about it) :slight_smile:

We’re also looking for small to medium sized companies wanting to try it out for free. So if you have a company or know anyone who has a company that’s looking to invest in it’s employees learning and development, let me know :sunny:




Also any feedback is very welcome!

Hey @carlosxcl great looking marketing site, and I love the product! Just requested access for Webflow. The interaction to sign up for an account is pretty slick & smooth! One suggestion is to get the cursor to autofocus on the “Name” field after you click the button so I don’t have to click on it.

Wow great job @carlosxcl !

Thanks for the suggestion @brryant! Just followed up on email.

Beautiful work, Carlos! I’d absolutely love to feature a post on that on the Webflow blog, and would be more than happy to help you with that. Let me know how I can help!


Hey @jmw. Will do! Might be a while though as wouldn’t want to showcase until we launch 2.0 (the app on the site), I’ll get back to you early April.

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Perfect! I’ll set myself a reminder :slight_smile: