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Flash Track - App Website

Just started building an app based website, this is the design so far!


great start! But, I would show off the whole iPhone and the app. Cropping it makes me feel like the app isn’t ready. If it isn’t, then maybe make the site a teaser until it is ready. Like “Coming soon. Want to see the full app? Sign up to our email list and we’ll let you know when its ready.”

@jamiecarter7, I like it - really clean and straightforward. Really love the initial animation - great use of interactions!

Dig it! All my LoL friends would dig this app too so they can stop getting ganked all the time…

Can’t wait for the app :smiley: I’ll be able to track enemy jungle :wink: Site is great but I’d show the whole iPhone with app inside. I’d really like to know what this app looks like.

Thanks for the feed back guys! Alarmingly great response, 20 views and 3 of you play LOL haha!

As you have already mentioned the app is still in development, so I will be posting more screens up as I get time to improve the screenshots.

I added a coming soon text across the image to indicate the app is still under construction, Ive tried to shy away from a finish date as they are notoriously bad if you miss them. Instead I opted to offer an email submission at the bottom. Its not tied into any email database, so I’ve made a message saying I will contact people via the email once when the app is ready.

UPDATE: So we’ve been working very hard (even over bank holidays) and everything is really coming together now, even the app.

I’ve just returned to give the website a once over in preparation for pushing towards the actual launch.

Exciting times!

Its not completely finished just yet, I need to update the screenshots as we add some finishing touches to the UI but its almost there.

Opinions welcome…

Thanks again!


Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Can’t wait :smiley: I’m more excited for the app then for the website :wink: Which is great btw!

very nice! Great job with the refinements =)

Dropping in with another update to the site design.

As we are nearing the release of the App I’ve made some alterations to the header section to allow for quick download access, fingers crossed it helps boost downloads when we release!

There are alot of areas I need to work on over the coming weeks to bring everything into align.

my god. it’s full of stars. GREAT JOB!!

Haha! Thanks!

Love the gif…!

Quick update… We’ve finally managed to get everything done and dusted! And the app is now live for you to download!!


Done a few extra tweeks… added a zone showing the top 4 key features to capture audience.

Alteration to background images.

I think my next stop is to revamp the area showing the phones in action as I feel they really let the website down (especially on mobile).