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Finally Finished My Website - Looking for Feedback

I’ve finished designing my website, and I am looking for feedback to spot any issues that I have missed. The URL is


  • Are there any issues with the website loading on your device?
  • Does it load quickly in your location?
  • Can you see any obvious issues or spelling mistakes?
  • Do you have any recommendations for website improvements?

Appreciate your help!


Congratulations on the successful completion of this difficult work.

Hi there,

A few issues for me that I would look to sort, but the overall site design I think is a nice design and barely any tweaks required. These feedback items are more structural.

Here is my feedback. Happy to provide any screenshots/explanations if required.

  1. An iPhone X user here and on this phone the Skills and Testimonials sections were not well formatted. Due to the content length, I’d recommend these sections be one column content sections on mobile devices.

  2. I would make the headings on the Skills section left-aligned. It looks peculiar being centred and is a little awkward to read. Centred is not a very good format for readability, generally.

  3. “Nice to meet you” section needs the content checking; “unlocking their ability to grow” appears over three lines for me and looks very odd on a mobile at least.

  4. a non technical note, but I’d really like to see the the following sentence backed up with some sort of proof; “Over 50% of internet users in the western world have seen my work”. Personally I’m curious, so I know from a conversion perspective this can be very important. Give the evidence on the page.

  5. For clarity, I would place a comma in the following sentence: “Founded Growth Marketing Agency We Scale Startups” to become “Founded Growth Marketing Agency, We Scale Startups”. Consider changing the highlighted element to be just the text We Scale Startups too, as I had to read this a few times to get this.

  6. Consider some legal text to refer to at the bottom of the page to provide some sort of legal proof/security. Company number, cookies info, privacy policy, something - it really adds to credibility.

As before, good site design - hope I’ve provided some helpful information to aid your goals.

Super useful and very grateful for your support!