Streaming live at 10am (PST)

New Restaurant Website made entirely with Webflow

Was commissioned by one of the most established restaurants and cocktail bars in Brixton, South London. Includes CMS, SSL, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feeds, dropbox functionality.


Sound great, But where is the link!

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doh! see above my bad.

Look great! Nice use of fonts!
Is there anything to do against the scroll function in the socialmedia blocks?

@BUMPandHUSTLE nice work! :smiley: don’t forget to update your favicon in your site settings :wink:
I really like the graphics and the navbar look on desktop for this site. The textures fit really well. :smiley:

Thanks Waldo - good shout on the Favicon.
Best / Bump

Seems like the scroll works in the Twitter and Instagram feeds, but not the Facebook one …

Looks good but there is a giant blank section in safari under social.

Thanks for letting me know about the Safari issue. I will post in the help section why the social feeds are not showing but are in Chrome.
Thanks again!

Thanks JMW - I have posted a topic in the help section.
Thanks again

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I see you have the take away menu available to download directly from your site. Would you mind sharing how you did this.