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New Project canvas

Can anyone help please.
I am a beginner.
when I open my new project, either a blank page or a template, it takes me to the designer.
but nothing shows up on the canvas. unable to select anything, element on the canvas.
Kindly guide me. what is that I am doing wrong?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@rbala31 you need to add individual elements to the pages yourself. Have you checked out the webflow university? There’s a whole bunch of information there, great for getting started as well as wanting to learn more

Thanks for your inputs.

I am struggling to get the project on the designer to edit in the first place.
after publishing the project when I go to the designer there is nothing shows up on the canvas.
I cannot add up any elements though I have tried. Even Jeff tried doing something.

only on editor it shows up and nothing great you can do.
all the videos on courses start with the canvas with a project ready on designer as you can see.
So you can follow the course. But in my case there is nothing on canvas on the designer.

I am sending a link for your perusal. Just try and let me know please.

Thanks very much.


@rbala31 it seems like you were able to figure it out. I went to the website and saw you were able to add one of the webflow templates. Did it work out?

Yes, Sarah,

Partially you are correct. I could add up the template.
but I dont see it on the designer. On editor you cannot do much.
I am not able to figure it out at all. It doesnot show up on the designer.

Probably I will quit using webflow and go back to WP only.


Just want to jump in here, to see if I can help out at all—are you presented with the same screen shown below when loading up the project?

If you’re seeing something different (or nothing at all), you can try loading the site in Incognito mode with all of your extensions off or try another browser to see if that’s the issue.

If you see what I included above, and you’re not in “preview mode” (the eye icon in the upper left should be grey, not blue) then is there something in particular you’re looking to do that you’re having trouble with?

I’m happy to walk you through any issues or record a short video explaining how to accomplish something. Alternatively, as @sarahfrison mentioned, there are tons of great resources available in the Webflow University that can help out—all totally free.

Hello Mike,

So very kind of you to jump in to help. Amazingly helpful.
Just now I tried doing it on edge browser. looks like instantly it loaded my template on the designer. I am going to check it out how it goes with it.

I shall keep in touch with feedback or help. I feel like I’ve got back my life.

thanks so much and I appreciate it. Hope I don’t have any more problems.



Glad you were able to get it loaded up without issue in Edge. I’d be curious to figured out what was causing the issue but no need to worry about that while you get familiar with the tools.

Have fun :v: