Getting Started with webflow to support a completed website

Hello! I just got assigned to support my companies new website running for the first time on webflow. In the past we used Wordpress and I was very happy to support the website on this CMS. I have a lot of background using various CMS’s like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and others so I’m hoping that I can pick this new one up real quick since this is not my only function at my company.

My questions are many!!

  1. I signed up from my invite to edit the site but can only see the little arrow at the bottom of the page on my Chrome browser. Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge don’t have the arrow.

  2. I need to quickly add a new set of PDF documents to the website and I can’t find in editor the location of the website files to FTP or copy the new documents to, and when I click the gear on the words I want to use to link to the documents I don’t see a file path or load feature.

I know I’m missing something since I expected to see an interface like I have seen with other CMS products and this is supposed to be a “new concept” in CMS so I’ll need to relearn stuff.

Can anyone point me to a help document that is geared toward supporting an “in production” site so I can load a new document and link it to the page.


Are you in the editor or designer of this site?

You can use the University tutorials to help you along:

You will not be able to edit in any other browsers except Chrome or Safari. Preferably Chrome tho!

Also, please add a share link to your project and the live site so we can direct you.

Instructions for share link: Share a read-only link | Webflow University

Hope this helps?

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Hello @LandaKen

As you know every CMS or platform require a learning curve, this being said you should take into account that the Webflow CMS is a little bit different than the other ones you mentioned. This difference is mainly based on the principle of empowering you with the right design tools to achieve your goals.

I’ll try to explain as much as I can and point you to the right places as well, if you need any more help don’t hesitate to reach out.

A great place to start is

The Editor and its functionalities Intro to the CMS Editor | Webflow University

Brandon beat me replying.

Thanks guys for your input.

How do I know if I’m an Editor or Designer? All I know is that I can use the editor based on the video and the invite which required me to install Chrome.

I’m looking for a video to specifically show me in the editor how to load the new file to the website and link the file to the new URL.

I don’t have time in my list of IT support tasks to learning anything else at this time.

The best way you can tell is if you are going to and logging in that way or if you are just going to the and using an email and password to log in?

If you are going through the latter, then you just have user access. You are only able to edit what has already been created.