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New portfolio site launched

I’ve happily been using Webflow for my portfolio since early 2015 or

I’m getting ready to utilise the CMS to post my 100 days daily ui challenge later this week. Should be fun!

Any feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for taking a look.


I love the clean look, very nice and simple and gets right to the point. Amazing job! :yum:

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Best feedback EVER! Thank you so much :smiley:

I really like the way you’ve displayed your work, very simple and easy to view. Good job.

Although there is something that really niggles me, and it’s to do with your choice of hero image.

Perspective seems a bit off (it might be intentional, i don’t know?) and (for me) it undoes the good work of achieving that lovely clean white space! - Although this is probably just my personal taste here.

Anyways well done!

EDIT: It might just be the image inside of the iMac that’s off, Maybe try adjusting that?

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Thanks @HarryField - Really appreciate feedback like this.

I wasn’t 100% sure about the iMac mockup either, I wanted to cut off the left side but I think it’s worth reverting to the original.

Thanks again for taking the time to have a look and comment :smile:

No worries @nwdsha !

Just had a look at your site again. I much prefer that hero image. Looks great!

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the second links isn’t working :S
The first one looks very clean. I like it!

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Thank you @Schaetzmeister :smile:

It’s working fine at the moment (try refreshing a couple of times).

Also, the domain needs at least 72 hours to fully propagate to Webflow servers, I only pointed it yesterday.

Thanks @HarryField

I’m not too keen on perspective mockups right now. Maybe in the near future.