Finally my freelance/portfolio site is complete!

Hi all.

As an avid “Webflow-er”, and after creating a massively challenging website for my previous employers; i have decided to finally go freelance with web design.

Here is my freelance/portfolio site:

All Feedback is good feedback and appriciated.

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Nice work! I like the simple cleanliness of it all. I’d suggest trying to go further with the portfolio items, explaining in more depth and detail your process and design thinking. I’d also get rid of the comma after “presence” in the hero subhead. :slight_smile:

thanks John @jmw for the feedback.

Yeah, that all makes sense. Ah that means more work! :fearful: unfortunately i know you’re right there hah, just gotta do it!

Also, good spot with the comma. It seems wrong reading it again after you’ve pointed that out. - changing that right now!

Thanks again!

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A like on my facebook page would also be appriciated.

Nice interactions on page load!

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Thanks for the feedback! @EGAFutura


OK Harry,

Here are my quick observations: The header (Hero-Home) is Titanic and looks more “corporate” than “designer” to me. It pushes all of your relevant content down in the page and does it to no advantage or purpose. Organic SEO concepts show this is not a best practice for content. Then, the next screen I scroll down to is already showing services that you offer, but I have yet to see any examples of your actual work. How about a hero image in the massive header to share space with that copy? You could faux watermark your “Harry Field” intro text over the picture 50 different ways. Then, move “Work” up in the page hierarchy now that you’ve created interest in it, then offer “Services” in the next scroll (section) in an effort to start selling or closing the client on hiring you. The contact form is already in a good place for this part of the process, it’s the initial batting order of the different sections that I have an issue with. What food would you want to eat if you’ve never had it or never saw it before? Whet their appetite with your work.

As always, just my 2¢.

Take care,

Review Spec:

  • Google Chrome Browser Version 54.0.2840.99 m
  • Screen Res: 1360 x 768
  • Monitor: 32" Samsung LCD in 720 HDMI

wow @itbrian40 , thanks for your time in reviewing my site, really appreciated. I’m gonna have to read this a couple of times to digest this.

Ok, i see what you’re saying here, prioritise the work to be viewed first - create an interest for the product (my work).

I had feedback saying having my work too high up (which i had initially) caused for some distraction and stole the eye. To be honest, i am agreement with you, form follows function comes to mind.

Definitely a re-jigging process in order, and to the drawing board with the hero!

Thanks again for your time and feedback, much appreciated.

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I just want to see something that represents your best work in that hero section. Be it a great logo you did or a corner/part of a website that makes me want to dive a bit deeper. I like your work, I just want to see it sooner than later. You could even put background images in each your service “cards” that are examples of each of the those services. You job is communicating by graphical means, so showboat those skills.