New Personal Site - Feedback Welcome!

Hey all

Just finished my new personal site for music/artwork - nothing hugely complex, but I kinda like it!

I also made it cloneable incase anyone wants to play with it:

Hope you folks dig



You may want to remove the full resolution prints from the preview. Good job on the site… I like the music and art. I’ll be checking out the rest of your music on soundcloud.

My feedback: I’d go with a solid background like the rest of the site for the landing page… and make the logo point to the same place the “Music” button goes to.

Best of luck.

Dig the hamburger menu! Very cool. I’ll have to explore and see how you did that!

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I love the site! I am a musician as well. Just curious, how did you get your soundcloud embeds to look like this? Are you on the paid plan for Soundcloud? Keep up the great work!